A range of treatments to maintain your smile


General dentistry

infinitidental clinic have the skills and experience to transform smiles. We recommend you and your loved ones visit us regularly to maintain your healthy, attractive smiles. 


Thorough examination

Our dental examinations are extensive and thorough, allowing us to determine the true level of your oral health.

Our team of experts will discuss any current dental problems you may be experiencing and conduct a thorough check.

We may use a variety of different investigative procedures during the examination process, including digital x-rays, vitality testing and digital cameras. This helps us to form accurate diagnoses and communicate any findings with you in a simple, informative manner.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays are as comfortable as conventional x-rays, but have the added benefit of producing instant images on our computer screens. What’s more, they have a significantly reduced dose of radiation.

We can easily enlarge such images to allow you to see any problems we identify close-up.

Preventative care

Your dentist will also explain how you can minimise the need for dental treatment through regular preventative care and education. If necessary, we may recommend maintenance such as root canals, fillings, crowns and bridges.

Children's Dentistry

Effective dental care should start early. As a family dentist, we make sure your child maintains a healthy mouth and confident smile for life, as well as to keep their mouths free of tooth decay and gum disease. To ensure healthy teeth and gums, we always advise that your child has a balanced diet, brushes their teeth twice a day, and attends regular check-ups. Come and see us as soon as your child's first tooth appears. Typical dental treatment for children may include fissure sealants to protect against decay, and braces to straighten crowded or crooked teeth.

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