Improve your oral health

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More teeth are lost through gum disease than through tooth decay. We recommend you attend regular hygiene appointments to help avoid dental treatment such as fillings and extractions. 


 Hygiene services will:

  • Make your teeth and gums look and feel healthy
  • Provide expert advice on brushing techniques, as well as product recommendations that will make sure your teeth are always clean and your breath fresh
  • Help you to improve your oral care routine
  • Reduce the risk of a number of dental problems, including dental decay, gum disease, staining and discolouration, and bad breath. 
  • Use advanced air polishing to remove tough staining on teeth.

By taking advantage of the hygiene services available at infinitidental clinic, your teeth and gums will be strong and healthy. From a scale and polish to a series of appointments, our hygiene services will help maintain your oral health.

Regular appointments with the hygienist will address issues before they become a problem.

Really grateful for the fantastic hygienist care and advice. I have seen a complete transformation in my dental health. Thank you so much for your care Suzanne.