Infinitidental clinic explains why educating our children about oral health is so important


With schools back from summer and everyone’s schedule back to the usual hectic pace of London life, we have to be organized to ensure sufficient homework is done, scouts and brownie classes are attended and our weekends allow us to go to all the birthday parties our children are invited to. Amongst all of our demands, we must ensure we look after our and our children’s physical, mental and, just as importantly, oral health.

The National Smile Month 2017 campaign listed some stark facts based on third party research this year.
• “A third of all children starting school each year have signs of tooth decay.
• Tooth extractions are the biggest reason children are admitted to hospital for general anaesthetics in the UK.
• In England, children and young people drink sugary soft drinks more often than anywhere else in Europe.
• Roughly 40% of children still do not visit the dentist each year”

At Infinitidental Clinic we are passionate about educating our patients to ensure their oral health care becomes a part of everyday life. We believe this has to start at a young age. We encourage you to bring your children to the dentist with you when you come for your check up, to allow them to start becoming accustomed to the setting and the noise (which can be off putting). We
are always open for you to pop in during non-clinical hours with your children to show them the practice, if it helps reduce their nerves.

Throughout 2017 we have held oral healthcare sessions at four primary schools in the Merton area, demonstrating to children correct brushing techniques. Should you have interest for your schools to have a similar session with us, please contact us. Ms Lynch from Poplar School left us a great review after our session with her pupils: “Just before Easter, Year 4 were very excited to have a school visit from the dentists! They had great props and were thorough with their explanations, ensuring it was pitched where all the children could access the information.
The children were also given goodie bags to take away! We look forward to a visit from you next year!”