A picture’s worth a thousand words

Infinitidental Clinic can show you how your smile could look with Invisalign’s ClinCheck video


You have so many reasons to smile…

Your smile is extremely important and has an impact on numerous areas that would not even immediately spring to mind. Your smile has importance for your appearance, confidence, self-esteem, health, happiness, mood, stress levels to name just a few. So why not invest the next few minutes thinking about this subject a bit more.

Infinitidental Clinic, opposite the Nelson Medical Clinic, is passionate about helping the people of Wimbledon and surrounding areas to improve their lifestyles. The dentists work hard with each of their patients, both existing and new, to achieve the goal of a better smile.

Initially, either of our dentists, Dr Anand Patel or Dr Nisha Patel, will spend time with you through a free consultation to look at your smile and discuss the options you have to hand.

The consultation is non-clinical in nature, but instead is there to provide an opportunity for an open discussion on your goals and for our dentists to look at what is possible. You should feel free to ask all the questions that are on your mind so we can help you work through the decision making process.

Prior to any straightening treatment, following a series of x-ray and digital scans, our dentists will be able to share with you your Invisalign ClinCheck video which is a short graphical animation of your teeth and how they will be moved through wearing Invisalign clear aligners.

This provides you with a great opportunity to be able to feel at ease with the treatment outcomes as well as look forward to what is in store for your smile!

The first step is arguably the hardest, and that is making the decision that you could feel happier with a better smile. Let us help you with that decision and come in and speak withus. Our door is always open.

Book in for your free Invisalign consultation by calling us on 020 8542 2171