Infinitidental clinic share their passion for dentistry


infinitidental clinic is a private dental practice in SW19, opposite the newly revamped Nelson Health Centre. The clinic has a strong family connection, opening five years ago on the site of the family’s newsagents. Bob and Jenny Patel ran the shop for almost 30 years and were well respected in the local community before their children took over and totally transformed it into this clinic. The first patients to the clinic were former customers of newsagents, to which the partners thank for their support.

infinitidental clinic offers a wide range of treatments including examinations, dental hygiene, fillings, root canal treatments, crowns, veneers, bridges, dental impacts as well as cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, orthodontics and wrinkle reducing treatments.

The health of the patient’s teeth and gums is what matters most to the dentists at infinitidental clinic. The three dentists working here - Dr Nisha Patel, Dr Anand Patel and Dr Kevin Dapaah are passionate about preventative dentistry with minimal intervention, to ensure that the health of the tooth and gums can be maintained without causing unnecessary and unwanted damage to the tooth and surrounding teeth.

Choosing the right dentist is fundamental to the health of you and your family. Your dentist should not just be well qualified and professional but should help you minimise dental treatment through regular preventative care. As of this year, patients are able to benefit from the services of Direct Access, and see our hygienist, Suzanne Hogan, without having to see a dentist first.

We believe in conducting ethical dentistry to the highest standard,” says Dr Nisha Patel. “This is reflected in our treatment plans where various options are discussed with patients so we can offer them the appropriate solutions at fair prices.