The ‘Lunchtime’ Rejuvenation

Feel and see the difference in your skin and facial features in less than thirty minutes!


Feel and see the difference in your skin and facial features in less than thirty minutes!

Dr Nisha Patel and Suzanne Hogan at Infinitidental Clinic, Wimbledon, are providing an all-in-one treatment pack age, which requires less of your time. Stepping out of the office for your spin class or for a swim makes you feel good as you pump endorphins through your body.

Focusing on your aesthetics can also make you feel good and boost your self esteem and self confidence. So why not consider Infinitidental Clinic’s 30 minute appointment where you can enjoy the benefits of anti wrinkle or dermal filler treatments? At the beginning of your first session we will treat you to a FREE NeoStratra® skincare peel to remove dead skin from your face and to prepare your skin for anti wrinkle treatments. A course of six peels is recommended and it has been proven that your collagen will be stimulated after six sessions.

Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Work to reduce lines and wrinkles to create a more even look to your face and skin.

FREE NeoStratra® Skincare Peel

Reduce the dullness and tiredness of your skin, allowing for an instant radiant result.

Dermal Fillers

Enhance facial features, create definitions and reducing the prominence of scars.

Free Facial Aesthetics Consultations are Available on Request.

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Patients love NeoStrata® skincare peels. We have seen great results from a course of peels to help with making patient’s skin feel and look smoother healthier and younger as well as improve on skin conditions such as pigmentation and acne.
— Suzanne Hogan
We love being able to combine various treatments in one session. Our patients like that they can work to improve the look and feel of their skin or facial feature in a short time period using non evasive, non surgical procedures.
— Dr Nisha Patel