Why are brides (and grooms) not thinking about their teeth before the big day?

Get your teeth whitened to make your smile perfect

Wedding photographers take on average 3000 photos per wedding. The majority of these photos will have the bride and/or groom in them.


infinitidental clinic believes that having your teeth whitened before your wedding is as important as your hair and nail appointments. Your smile is likely to be seen more by guests and will be photographed more than your nails!

The process is extremely quick, requiring only two appointments. The first will be to create moulds for your trays and to discuss the level of whitening you desire. The second will be to give you your trays and show you how to use your whitening gels. You are then able to perfect your smile at home by applying the gels to your trays and wearing them for as long as required to obtain your desired whitening.

Each appointment only takes 20 minutes, so it will not eat into your wedding planning time. Your smile will appear brighter when you start applying the gels.

You may start seeing results within two weeks and you can continue to use the trays until your desired result is achieved. If your teeth are quite dark or very yellow/ grey/ tetracycline stained it will take longer to whiten the teeth.

For those getting married in 2017, we can offer 10% off your Teeth Whitening treatment.

Should you be interested in making a group booking for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, best men, father of the bride and/or mother of the bride, we offer 20% off for everyone who books.

Get your teeth whitened to make your smile perfect.