When Infinitidental Clinic opened in Spring 2012, our motive was to bring ethical dentistry to the residents of Wimbledon and beyond in a modern and contemporary setting, complemented with technologically superior tools to deliver the best in class in dentistry and dental services to our patients.

The future of dentistry - as like most other industries – is Digital. Infinitidental Clinic is moving with this change and is now offering patients the opportunity to have their teeth scanned.

Teeth scanning is non-invasive and provides a large number of benefits:

3D Colour Imagery of your Teeth and Restorations: Digital scanning provides patients with three-dimensional imagery of their teeth and restorations. Defective restorations, cavities and malformations can also be quickly identified.

Ability to monitor tooth loss: Tooth loss can be caused by clenching or grinding your teeth (often at night) as well as over brushing. A series of scans can accurately monitor and measure the impact of these actions on tooth loss, helping to identify the speed at which change is occurring.

Identification of hard-to-clean areas: Timelapse software, which puts together a video based upon scans over time, can help identify problem cleaning areas.

Simulation of change in teeth post-treatment: The scanning and associated toolkit offers us
the ability to provide you with a view to how your teeth, bite and smile will look before and after teeth straightening treatment. The visualization of the change can help your decision-making process.

No need for impressions: Scanning allows for laboratory constructions to be achieved without impressions being taken. This is particularly beneficial to those patients who suffer from gagging, retching and claustrophobia.

Scanning is optional for our patients (new and existing) however if you are interested please contact us at infinitidental clinic and we will be happy to speak with you further. The scanner will be kept in reception so you can also see it when you are next in or passing by!