State-of-the-art 'digital' dentistry comes to Wimbledon

Infinitidental Clinic is at the forefront

From inception in 2012, Infinitidental Clinic has been committed to using the latest technology within their services and treatment to ensure their patient's experience is of the highest standard.


As all industries in the world move to enhance technology more and more, dentistry is not holding back either. Infinitindental Clinic are now able to offer their patients the ability to have their teeth, gums and mouth structure digitally scanned.

The scanning is non-invasive and does not involve any substances being applied to the teeth. A ‘wand’ is utilised by your dentist to move along your teeth, tooth by tooth across a desired section or the whole mouth. As it moves past the wand will be taking high definition, three-dimensional coloured pictures. The pictures enable Infinitidental Clinic to capture the structure of your mouth to an extremely high precision – higher than any manual method or older methods (such as taking impressions).


  • 3D visualisation of your teeth and restorations in colour, showing defective restorations, cavities and malformations in teeth

  • Monitors with accuracy tooth loss caused by grinding, erosion or over brushing that is becoming an ever-increasing problem.

  • It can show areas that are difficult to clean time lapse software can show the differences

  • in serial scans over time as a video

  • Simulate how teeth can look if you want them straightened

  • Used to record crown, bridge, inlay, onlay and veneer preparations allowing laboratory

  • construction without an impression

  • Impression-free so no need to apply material in your mouth. Particularly useful for those patients that suffer with gagging, retching and claustrophobia

The iTero Scanner fits with Infinitidental Clinic perfectly and as such we are very excited tobring this service to you. They are moving forward with the world and becoming digital in their work. The scanner brings speed, reliability and fantastic visuals to be used by your clinicians and to be shared with you. Scanning is optional for patients (new and existing) however if you are interested please contact Infinitidental Clinic. The scanner will be kept in reception so you can also see it when you are next in or passing by!