A good night's rest

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Snoring device

Snoring can occur when the soft tissue at the back of the throat vibrates while breathing. When snoring becomes a persistent problem, infinitidental clinic’s anti-snoring device can help. 


Benefits of snoring devices:

  • Treats mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea - Anti-snoring devices are effective in improving the airflow of those who suffer from apnea. They also reduce nasal pressure and improve breathing patterns.

  • Carefully designed with internal splint fixing - This allows the patient to close their lips around the device and prevents dry lips and excess salivation.

  • High levels of patient comfort - The device is moulded specifically to patient impressions.

  • Full lateral movement – infinitidental clinic offer a soft, slim-lined device. Its in-mouth movement reduces the chance of displacement.

infinitidental clinic's patient-friendly, device is custom-made to fit easily and comfortably in your mouth. The splint is adjustable to fit your jaw position and works by positioning the jaw forward and moving the tongue along with it.

In its new position, the tongue no longer has the tendency to fall back into the throat and so allows the air to move freely, thus reducing or eliminating snoring.

Our affordable device helps to prevent snoring and enables you to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. 

For more information or to arrange your sleep consultation with Dr Anand Patel, please contact our team today. 

Having used the snoring device for 6 months now, I can really tell and feel the difference on the nights when I forget to wear it.