Reduce tightness build up in your jaw & neck


Tooth clenching & grinding

Tooth grinding and clenching - also know as Bruxisim - is an under-diagnosed condition that affects approximately 80% of the population. Many individuals are oblivious to their teeth grinding, or don’t think to mention the symptoms to their dentist because, with the exception of tooth wear, they are not typically dental related. However, if untreated, the condition can have a real impact on your oral and general well being.


There are various treatments proposed to stop or reduce Bruxism, the most common being occlusal splints (dental appliances). In many cases, a simple dental splint - worn whilst sleeping - can reduce the intensity of Bruxism

Benefits of Tooth Splints:

  • Relief from associated symptoms - occlusal splints aid in reducing the side effects (headaches, migraines, stiffness in neck and jaw, ear ache, unsettled sleep and wearing of teeth) caused by teeth grinding and clenching.
  • Protection of your smile - SCi splints allow for separation of your teeth, stopping contact and preventing clenching or grinding.
  • Excellent clinical results - SCi splints are FDA (scientifically) approved for the treatment of headaches and medically diagnosed migraines.
  • A perfect fit for your teeth - Simple to make, our tooth splints are custom made for you. Typically, they take just 10-15 minutes to ensure correct fitting.
  • A fast chairside procedure - Treatment time / time in the dentist chair is limited – making tooth splints a quick process.

Teeth grinding and clenching can be the cause of many painful symptoms.

We believe in driving awareness of the under-diagnosed condition. Painkillers aren't a permanent solution.

If you suspect that Bruxism may be the cause of your painful symptoms, then contact infinitidental clinic today.